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Luke 1:1-20
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SATURDAY  DECEMBER 16, 2022     4-6pm


It is our hope that GOD would bless you this Christmas with the gift of His Son JESUS Christ!

Our Live Nativity may be enjoyed as a

Scavenger Hunt! 

Here is what you need to do:


  1. You will need to pick up your Bethlehem Passport at the Welcome Tent at the North East Corner of the event space.

  2. You will then need to visit the Characters listed below.  Each is in an area around the Event Space and dressed as that Character.  You will want to have a conversation with that Character.

  3. Once you have talked with the Character you will want to be sure to have them stamp your passport!

  4. Once you have ALL 5 STAMPS you will want to seek our the PRIZE PATROL!  These are people walking around with Lights on their bodies as well as jingle bells and an MVPC Scarf.  

  5. Show your completed Passport to the Prize Patrol and they will award you your prize!  Congratulations!  You now have met everyone in the first Christmas!


Roman Centurion
     Roman Cadets

Inn Keeper
     Inn Keeper Family

Shepherds & Animals
     Shepherds in Training

     Assistant Angels
     Heavenly Choir
     Heavenly Bell Choir

Mary & Joseph 

Reading of Scripture from the Bible

Luke 2:1-20.  

Luke ReadingMVPC
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