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MVPC & Engalaweni, Malawi

In 2021, Mountain View Presbyterian Church (MVPC) and the Engalaweni Church of Central Africa Presbyterian celebrated 20 years of friendship, kinship, and spiritual partnership.  Our vibrant and blessed relationship began as a pen pal letter in 2001 and developed into a formal Partnership Agreement later that same year.
Under this Partnership Agreement, many projects and activities have taken place to promote the well-being of both congregations and to share our love for Jesus Christ and each other.
With mutual prayer support and accountability mechanisms in place, the following is a list of some of the accomplishments attained over the past two decades under our Partnership Agreement:

prayer house_edited.jpg

Prayer Houses

Providing places where people can gather for prayer, worship, Bible study and fellowship

School and Teacher Housing

Providing shelter and an appropriate learning environment for both teachers and students

Vocational School

 Teaching tailoring and carpentry skills to students who do not attend secondary school for various reasons

vocational school.png
trade school.png
breakfast feeding program.png

School Breakfast Program

 Ensuring students receive at least one sustaining meal a day

Emma’s Chickens

A project initiated by one of our MVPC youth.  Funds initially helped the Women’s Guild purchase chickens and feed for Engalaweni and surrounding villages.  This project has become almost self-sustaining.

Emma's CHicken Project_edited.jpg
solar lighting.png

Solar Electric Lighting Systems

 Providing light for homes and buildings

Grain Bank

Providing storage for donated grain used for future food security issues

grain bank_edited.jpg
ENG distribution 1-22-20.jpg

Famine Relief

Helping ward off starvation/illness during years of drought and poor crop production.  A new project “Farming God’s Way” is teaching Engalaweni farmers better farming methods through enhanced soil preparation, better soil nutrients, and by the use of more drought-resistant plants.  This project is showing encouraging results and will hopefully reduce dependence on famine relief funding.

Orphan Fund

Supporting dozens of orphaned children with food, clothing, personal hygiene items, and school supplies.


Partner Travel

Enabling periodic travel exchanges for individuals from both congregations to personally visit and work with one another.

Engalaweni Health Centre

Providing routine medical, pre-natal, and birthing support to Engalaweni residents.  Built through MVPC funding.  Staffed with a registered nurse and a clinician, salaried through the Embangweni Mission Hospital.   Opened October 4, 2021.

The combined Certification Commission for the Health Center with representatives from all official agencies involved.

helath center.png
Official Opening Commission 11-21.jpg
womens helath center_edited.jpg

Women's Centre

The Women’s Center provides a separate location for ladies to gather for Women’s Guild meetings, Bible studies, educational classes, and handicrafts.

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