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New to MVPC

You might be wondering, what is MVPC like?  What can I expect when I visit? 

What does MVPC believe?  

MVPC is a grace-filled, Christ-centered, and caring community. 

Please use this page as a resource to take your first steps in visiting MVPC.


All Presbyterians share a common theological heritage that can be traced to the Swiss Reformation of the 16th Century, but we are not named for what we believe. The name ‘Presbyterian’ is derived from the way in which we are governed – by democratically elected representatives known as Presbyters or Elders.  Presbyterian congregations are not uniformly the same, although we are united by our form of government and accountability. Each congregation is shaped by its own distinct history and marked by the insights and emphases of its Elders.  


 At Mountain View Church we stress the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as the one and only Savior of the world, the authority of the Scriptures, God’s call to live a holy life in response to the grace He has shown us in Jesus Christ, and the responsibility of God’s people to be involved actively and sacrificially in mission both here at home and around the world.


We are a grace-filled, Christ-centered and caring community.  Our greeters can assist you with directions and information.  Coffee and fellowship surround both of our Sunday worship services.  Worship in a comfortable atmosphere that is warm and welcoming.  People come attired from casual to suits to their work clothes.


At MVPC we glorify God and enjoy Him through a welcoming and growing church fellowship that is biblically - worship - driven in obedient gratitude for the grace of God In Jesus Christ


Frequently Asked Questions


When do we gather together for Worship?

In Worship, we celebrate our Faith with Biblically Based, Relevant Preaching and Uplifting, Inspiring Music.

MVPC offers two styles of Worship*:

  • Contemporary Worship in our Life Center at 9:00am

  • Traditional Worship in our Sanctuary at 10:15am

* Please note that on Special Occasions, Special Events, and Holidays service times may vary.

Check our website for up-to-date information and service times

Contemporary Worship begins at 9:00am on Sunday in our Life Center. 

Our doors open at 8:30 am.

Our Contemporary Style Worship is led in music by our Praise Team with Piano, Drums, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, and Bass with scriptural-based preaching from our Pastor.  The entire service takes place in our Life Center and in a casual, cozy setting around tables with chairs. 

No formality here.

Traditional Worship at MVPC begins at 10:15am in our Sanctuary.

Our doors open at 9:45 am.

You'll feel at home in our Traditional Service led by our Westminster Choir and Organ.  This service provides an atmosphere for a time of liturgical elements and scriptural-based preaching. This is a more formal approach to worship.  

Live Streaming of the Traditional Worship Service is available online for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  To access please CLICK HERE.  

How long is Worship?

Our Worship services are about 60 minutes in length. There is a time for Coffee and Donuts  before each service.

What about Communion?

MVPC practices open communion on the first Sunday of the month (except during Lent).  All baptized believers are invited to join us at the Lord's table.  Baptized children are welcome to participate in the taking of communion (Parental discretion).

We offer Wine (clear cups) and Grape Juice (purple cups) as well as Bread and a Gluten Free option.


Contemporary Worship -

Communion elements will be at your table.  There will be 2 small containers: one labeled "Wine" and one labeled "Juice".  We ask that everyone flip the cap on the preferred container and squeeze the contents to fill your cup BEFORE worship begins. We would ask that you place the cup in the small box on your table to help prevent your cup from tipping or spilling until communion time.  There will also be a small bowl of bread on your table that you pass around DURING COMMUNION in the worship service when led to do so by the Pastor.  If you prefer the gluten-free option, please raise your hand and a server will bring it to your table.


Communion is celebrated and consumed when led to do so by the Pastor at the front during the worship service.  Once you have partaken of the elements, any trash may be thrown away after worship has concluded as you leave the service.

Traditional Worship -

Those who are able, walk to the front to receive their communion elements and take them back to their seat when dismissed by the Usher.  Those desiring a Gluten Free option may ask the server for one. Communion is consumed as a community when led to do so by the Pastor at the front. Once you have partaken of the elements, any trash may be put in the holding holes situated on the pews or chairs in front of you.


For those for whom walking to the front is not an option, you may call over an Elder to bring the elements to you in your seat.


What about my Children & Worship?

MVPC celebrates Children in Worship!  Relax!  God put the wiggle in children; don't feel you have to suppress it in God's house.  All are welcome.  


Contemporary Worship-

We offer Busy Bags, located by the west entrance to the Life Center, for your child to use during Worship as well as a Worship Training Activity cart filled with supplies.  There are items to help children understand the elements of worship.

Traditional Worship-

MVPC Kid's Worship Training Area is located in our lobby to the right of the Sanctuary doors.  There are items to help children understand the elements of worship as well as comfortable seating for children & adults.

Those desiring Privacy or Place for Little Ones to Roam-

We offer our Family Room.  There is a Live Stream of the Worship service as well as Toys and Activities for your children.  A changing table and restroom are available.  Please ask a Greeter as you enter to guide you to the Family Room located in the Children's Hallway

After service, we encourage you and your children to visit the MVPC Children's Library.  There they can check out a variety of books, a book buddy, games, puzzles, or DVDs.  The library is located in the Children's hallway across from the Family Room.


Where are you located? 

MVPC is nestled on the corner of North Garfield Ave and East 25th Street.  Down the road from the Orchard Shopping Center, Loveland DMV, and First Watch restaurant.

Where do I park?  What about Handicap accessible parking?

You can enter our North Parking Lot by turning off of North Garfield Ave onto Spruce Dr.  We have several spots available with Handicapped Parking right by our North Entrance door.  

How do I enter the building?  What about Handicap accessibility?


Contemporary Worship-

The main entrance is on the west side of our Life Center.  You will follow the path to the right of the playground and follow the bistro lights to the entrance located to the left.

Those needing to access the building easily due to passengers with limited mobility may drop off passengers by entering our North Parking Lot and following the signs that lead to the left of the Playground. There is Handicapped Parking available in our Office Area lot just down from the drop off door.  You may enter through the Office Area doors to gain entrance into the Life Center.

Traditional Worship -

You may enter through the Lobby Doors located on the U-shaped drive by the statue of "Ruth" picking wheat.  You may use the U-shaped drive to drop off passengers with limited mobility by turning in as you are going North on North Garfield, right past the MVPC sign.

Those needing to access the building easily by wheelchair may enter via the ramp by the North Doors located by the "Teacher & 2 Children" reading a book statue and the Preschool Sign.  


What Accessibilities do you offer during Worship?

During our Traditional Worship, we have Hearing Assistance Headsets that are available from our Sound Booth (located in the back of the Sanctuary) to help those who might need help in hearing the service better.


For those desiring some privacy, a more comfortable area, or a quiet place during service - we have our Family Room.  There is a Live Stream of the Worship service, as well as a restroom, available.  Please ask a Greeter as you enter to guide you to the Family Room located in the Children's Hallway

What are MVPC's normal operating hours?  

MVPC's Office is located on the southeast corner of our building.  You may enter its parking lot and doors by turning in off of East 25th Street. 


Our normal operating hours during the week are as follows:

Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 3:00pm

Friday                         9:00am - 12:00pm

Do you have a Snow Policy?

MVPC follows the Thompson School District for our SNOW POLICY.  If Thompson Schools are closed, so are we.  If they are delayed to open, so are we.  If the weather is questionable, please check out website or call our Church Office at 970-663-3810. 


What about Christian Education & Bible Study?

Christian community and Bible study nurture and awaken us as to who we are and Whose we are.  We encourage you to take a look at our wide range of children, youth, adult, and senior adult classes,  bible studies, and ministries offered by checking out our Ministries page.

How can I learn more about MVPC?

To learn more about MVPC - who we are, what we believe, what we offer, and more - we encourage you to sign up for our DISCOVER MVPC class.  These classes are offered once a quarter during the year.  This class is a one-time meeting in which you get time to sit down with the Pastor and Elders, learn all about MVPC and what it means to be a Presbyterian, as well as meet others at MVPC.  If you are interested contact Kimberly Caldwell, Connections Coordinator.

Discover Class Nov 2022_edited.jpg

What can I do to connect with MVPC?

MVPC offers a variety of activities, events, studies, and service opportunities to help you find your connection to others and our LORD.  We offer monthly MVPC CONNECT meetings.  During this time you will hear about all the activities, ministries, and service opportunities at MVPC.  We are also interested to hear what your passion may be and what the LORD might be encouraging you to share with MVPC.  If you are interested contact Kimberly Caldwell, Connections Coordinator.

MVPC  Connect FINAL tansparent bkgrnd.png


I have other questions - how do I connect with someone?

If you have any other questions, we encourage you to reach out to us.  Our Staff is here to help you feel welcome and informed.  

Please feel free to call us at 970-663-3810 during our normal operating hours OR email one of our Staff members by CLICKING HERE.

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