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Something for Everyone

We're all busy - but with what? The great challenge is to lead lives filled with purpose, not just filled with tasks! Christian community and Bible study nurture and awaken us as to who we are and Whose we are. They help form the values necessary for growing loving and secure relationships and families, as well as for facing those inevitable times of challenge and loss. As we grow in Him, some of what previously seemed unimportant become central, and much of what used to take our time is now seen to be the distraction it actually is.

We hope you will take the time to browse through the different children, youth, adult, and senior adult classes,  bible studies, and ministries offered.



Our amazing Family Ministries team is ready to partner with you in your child’s faith development. 

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We like to have a lot of fun, but, most importantly, we want you to be plugged in and growing in a relationship with God.



Whether you are seeking a Sunday School Class or a weekday Bible study,  we think you’ll find an opportunity that’s just right for you right here.



We have a vibrant ministry of fun, fellowship, spiritual development, and educational opportunities for all of our seniors. Whether you’re a retiree, single, married, still working, a member of MVPC or not, we welcome you to journey with us.

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If you have a heart for music - whether Singing or Playing we have a place for you.  Traditional, Contemporary, Handbells, Playing Instruments, and more!

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