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Family Portrait

Family Ministries

We find it our greatest joy to introduce children to worship, study, missions, and service opportunities, and walk with them as they develop a love for Christ, a knowledge of who they are as a beloved children of God, and an understanding of where they fit into the body of Christ.

Family Worship Room

Need a space for your family to move around during worship?

Room 110 (Nursery) is open every Sunday.

The room is not staffed, but there are toys and supplies and a TV that is streaming the worship service for your use and enjoyment. 


Because of the Bible's description of the family and of the church to view corporate gatherings as being for all members of the covenant community, we encourage families to worship together. At MVPC, we love your children and we love to see families worshipping together! We also understand that children are at different development stages, so we have the Family Worship Room (Room 110 / Nursery) for very small children or ones who are learning how to be a part of the worship service. As the spiritual leader of your family, we encourage you to train your children to worship the Lord with you. We will partner with you to give you tools, space, and encouragement in this very important task of worship training. I am here to support your family.

Here a just a few reasons why it is important for children to be in regular worship.

Children are a part of the body of Christ. 

Children learn by the example of their parents and other adults how to worship.

Children need to feel like they belong and are part of the church community.

Children who don't feel like they are part of the church tend to leave the church when they are older.

A note about the importance of families worshipping together.

Celebrating Children in Worship

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