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Sundays @ 5 - 7pm

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Common Table is a Sunday evening weekly gathering that begins with a shared meal, a time of cleanup, followed by Contemporary Style Worship. The entirety of Common Table takes place in our Gym and in a casual, cozy setting.  No formality here.  Join a table and meet others as we share a meal together made fresh from the abundance of our Community. The meal starts at 5 p.m. and  Worship will follow.  Families, Couples, Singles as well as Children of all ages are welcome.     


There is room at the table for everyone.


The meal is freshly prepared that evening just for you!  This is no Potluck Dinner.   Healthy, Fresh, Local ingredients will be crafted together to present a meal for our Common Table & Community for FREE OF CHARGE!  


Common Table will try to adhere to a seasonal model of meals.  It is committed to locally sourced produce and meats as a first choice.  Meals are reflective of simple and healthy and what is in season.


Out of our abundance, we hope to celebrate and return these gifts to all within our community.  We will package leftovers for members and friends who need meals provided.  The remaining meal resources will be used in our ongoing Community Kitchen Burrito Project on Wednesday mornings.  Our goal is shared abundance, zero waste, and community care. 


The meals and recipes will be based on the abundance of our Community of Food Resource Partners.


Crop Share Account  - A paid service we have contracted to provide Common Table with seasonal vegetables throughout the year.


Plowshare – A volunteer group within Common Table & MVPC that donates grown vegetables and herbs to either provide for or supplement the meal.


Breadshare – A volunteer group within Common Table & MVPC committed to baking bread weekly for Common Table.


Specific Needs Providers -  Individuals or Families that have committed to providing specific ingredients or condiments on a regular basis. (i.e.  Meats, Butter Tabs, Jelly Packets, Napkins, Salt and Pepper shakers, etc.)

Monetary Donations – Weekly donations received from Common Table used to purchase additional ingredients each week most likely meats and such.

What about dietary restrictions? 

There will always be some level of restriction that we all have to follow.   We will certainly work with any dietary requests and options to the best of our ability.  Please help us by contacting the church to let us schedule an appointment with you and your family to address these concerns.




We are trying to be consciously aware of our footprint and sustainability. Therefore, we encourage you to bring your own serving dishes and eating utensils from home and take them home to wash.  This greatly reduces our trash and water footprint and helps to comply with current COVID concerns regarding community dishes and cleaning of such. 


Recommended items for personal dining include the following:

Fork, Spoon, Knife, Soup/Stew Bowl, Plate, Cup or Water Bottle.

Bring a carry case or shopping bag to place your dirty dishes in for the trip home.

Ice Water will be provided.  A drink vending machine in the hallway will have assorted beverages for .50 cents.   If you would like to bring you own beverage or water bottle you are welcome to do so.


If your heart is to help - we would love to have you join one of our Common Table Teams.  Please contact us @ 970-663-3810 so we can connect you with the Team Leader!


Preparation Team

Breadshare Team

Plowshare Team 


Purchase Team 


Clean-up Team


Canning and Freezing Team

Have a question or concern?  Please click below to send us an email

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