In Worship we Celebrate our Faith with Biblically Based, Relevant Preaching and Uplifting, Inspiring Music.


All Presbyterians share a common theological heritage that can be traced to the Swiss Reformation of the 16th Century, but we are not named for what we believe. The name ‘Presbyterian’ is derived from the way in which we are governed – by democratically elected representatives known as Presbyters or Elders.  Presbyterian congregations are not uniformly the same, although we are united by our form of government and accountability. Each congregation is shaped by its own distinct history and marked by the insights and emphases of its Elders.  


 At Mountain View Church we stress the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as the one and only Savior of the world, the authority of the Scriptures, God’s call to live a holy life in response to the grace He has shown us in Jesus Christ, and the responsibility of God’s people to be involved actively and sacrificially in mission both here at home and around the world.


We are a grace filled, Christ centered and caring community.  Our greeters can assist you with directions and information.  Coffee and fellowship surround both of our Sunday morning worship services.  Worship in a comfortable atmosphere that is warm and welcoming.  People come attired from casual to suits to their work clothes.