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We had a great week with all of you!

Here are some highlights!


ROME Interviews

Still curious about Ancient ROME?:
Learn more about Rome with tour guide Dave Stotts and make a virtual visit to Ancient Rome in these excerpts from episodes of 
Drive Thru History! 

Drive Thru History Ancient Rome Playlist

NOTE: Be sure to have permission and supervision from your Responsible Adult, since this will link you to YouTube, a public and uncensored site. 

All the videos on this "Drive Thru History" playlist are great for kids. 

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Children's Worship
Age appropriate Worship Service for Children ages 4-11. Children exit the sanctuary at the conclusion of the "Story Box" during our Early Worship Service (8:20am-9:20am) and meet for Children's Worship in Room 117. This year after Children's Worship (9:20am) we will have a supervised "recess" time on the playground while weather permits and an indoor location when it does not. Children's Sunday School classes will start at 9:40am, Adult Sunday School starts at 9:30am. 

This Summer we are learning about Who, Why, and How we worship!

July 30: Prayer
August 6: NO Children's Worship
Youth Sunday in the Sanctuary
Come and lead the congregation in one of our ROME songs during the offering and hand out bulletins and greet at the doors!
August 13: Baptism and the Lord's Supper
(the Lord's Supper will be administered at Children's Worship on this Sunday in an explanatory fashion)
August 20: Blessed to be a Blessing
 What it means to be blessed and what we give:Offering, Evangelism, Service, and Mission
Blessings for each child
August 27: 
Enjoy Labor Day Week-end and worship in the Sanctuary with your family if you are here!

September 10: THE STORY BEGINS!!!
Be sure to buy your books and read Chapter 1 before Sept. 10!
NOTE: Children's Worship will follow a week behind Sanctuary worship and Sunday School.


Sunday School

Children's Sunday School will start at 9:40am this year, this will allow for a 20 minute supervised "recess" between Children's Worship and Sunday School. We will have recess on the church Playground when weather permits and indoors when it does not.  See the church calendar for dates. NOTE: Adult Sunday School starts at 9:30am in Fellowship Hall.  PLEASE make sure to have a responsible adult sign children out of Sunday School at 10:30am, unless other arrangements have been made with the Teachers, this is an important safety and security measure.


Read through the Bible with us in a year!

Be sure to buy your books and read Chapter 1: "The beginning of life as we know it" before September 10!

PreK-2nd Grade: Room 117
3rd - 5th Grade: Room 110

This Fall:
Earn credit for the STORY STORE (where you can buy fun and helpful Bible study tools) by bringing your STORY books, Bibles, and Notebooks, memorizing weekly memory verses, reading the week's story before class, participating in at-home family activities from the parent activity take-home pages, and participating in class.

 Infant thru 3 years old
We will provide a safe, nurturing environment in which young children are introduced to the love and grace of Jesus Christ. 
Infant & Toddler care is offered in room 108 for all Worship Services and Sunday School from 8:15am to 12pm.

While we do have a regular Adult working in the Nursery now, we are still seeking a Permanent Responsible Adult Nursery Attendant to work regularly in the Nursery. If you or anyone you know might be interested in this position please send a resume to

Please join us in prayer to find just the right person for this important job!

Fill out and return a MVPC Children's Ministry Information Form!
Print out the PDF of the MCMIF below, fill it out, and return it to Tracee in some way:
scan and e-mail it to her at
hand it to her on Sunday morning when you see her, 
or drop it by the church office and someone will make sure she gets it. THANK YOU!
NOTE: This form does not yet have a space for you to indicate any restrictions you have for your children on food or activities. Please indicate in the "allergy" section on the form if there are foods or activities in which you do not want your children to participate.

MVPC Children's Ministry Information Form

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