Adult Education

Adult Education 2017
Winter and Lent


January 15 Defining Evangelism:  what it is and what it isn’t

January 22 The New Testament Kerygma:  what message did the Apostles preach? (Bring a Bible) January 29 Toward a Theology of Evangelism:  The Mystical Union; Pelagius and Augustine; and the Ordo Salutis; February 5 ANNUAL MEETING AND CHILI COOK-OFF February 12 Toward a Theology of Evangelism:  Soteriology (from what are we saved and by whom?); T.U.L.I.P.

February 19 The American Spin on Evangelism:  from the Great Awakening to Billy Graham

February 26 The Mission of the Church:  Evangelism and/or the Social Gospel?

7 Toxic Ideas

Lenten Sunday School Series - Beginning March 5

7 Toxic Ideas Polluting Your Mind

Two conflicting worldviews, Christian and non-Christian, are in constant friction.
Unfortunately, Christians are often unaware when they adopt non-Christian ideas.
This book examines seven non-Christian ideas that cripple the Christian mind.

Available in Paperback or Kindle Format from Amazon.

You can purchase the book if you would like, but it is not necessary to have for the class.


3/5         Ideas to Idolatry ; Neophilia

3/12       Technopoly

3/19       Materialism  

3/26      Consumerism

4/2         Egalitarianism

4/9         Individualism ; Relativism